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Core Interventions

Education, Human Rights and Governance

Right to governance: The process of decision making and by which decisions are implemented (or not) and focuses on formal and informal actors in decision making processes and implementing the decision made . WAO realizes that equal participation by both men and women, boys and girls is a key cornerstone of good governance and participation needs to be informed. Good governance requires rule of law i.e. fair legal frameworks that are enforced impartially and full protection of human rights.

Education: To ensure that education is respected and learners including girls are accessing free and compulsory primary education with collaborated effort from school governance structures including; Mother groups, School Management Committee(SMCs) parent teacher associations(PTAs), Teachers and Children clubs, problems faced by learners including; poverty, Child Marriages, Child labour and adoptions are also addressed to reduce primary school drop outs. The organisation will be having a program to targets secondary education that may include provision of bursaries and scholarships

Human Rights: these are rights inherent to all Human beings regardless of race, sex, Nationality, ethnicity, language, religion or any other status. Human Rights including the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of expression of opinion many more and everyone is entitled to these rights without discrimination, Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10th December 1948, set up common standards of achievement for all people and all nations. WAO adopted Human rights common standards in its programs using Human Rights Based approach (HRBA), so that we advocate for the protection of girls and women’s rights at all levels.